Blurred Image

I think we all have this image in our head of exactly what we want our life to be like. We imagine the best possible outcomes. Dream job. Financial stability. Attractive, yet successful spouse. We want it all. And we think we can have it. Imagination and hope keep that image within reach. And even when reality sets in and the image becomes cloudy for a moment, it returns in time, as soon as we find that hope again.

I believe hope is essential for life. I can’t put effort, time, commitment, and dedication into anything if I don’t have hope that a desired outcome will be reached. Hope is there in your weakest moment, it’s the only constant when we have nothing. It tells us that things will get better. And they will.

Sometimes I think, though, I get an inaccurate view of what I want my life to be like. Perfection isn’t possible and you can’t plan things like that. Life is messy and unpredictable. My perfect vision is a constant cause for stress because with every decision, I’m utterly terrified that I will fail. I have a narrow viewpoint, and to me, anything less that what I have planned is a failure. I have long-term goals that sometimes seem so far away and overwhelming.

My goal now is to widen my view, I can still have long-term goals that I will work toward, but I need to accept that it’s okay to make adjustments along the way when I learn something new or become interested in new things. I want to grow as a person, do things, go places, be spontaneous, instead of always thinking about impossible expectations for my future.

And there it is, my first blog post.


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