Overthinking Optimistically

The view outside my dorm room window isn’t a pretty one. Currently, Ohio State is rebuilding several dorms consequently creating a construction site directly next to my dorm. I’ve been looking at this view since August and it has changed a lot. I didn’t think about how much progress they had made until I stopped and actually looked up at the immense building that was beginning to form. I began to think about how amazing it is that something that big could be built by a team of small humans. Like, I know equipment is involved and it has taken a lot of time but every time I look at it now, all I can think about is how many little jobs it must have taken in order to make any visible progress at all. How can they somehow take an amount of supplies and equipment and organize and construct it into something so tall and durable? And it’s not only a building because in a few months that will be someone’s home and everything must be functioning effectively and be aesthetically pleasing. Anyway, not that I’m into construction sites or buildings or even have any idea on how to build them but sometimes tend to overthink…well, everything. This can be good and bad. Overthinking situations can be bad because the excessive analyzing can lead to incorrect assumptions. However, I’m going to be optimistic and only talk about how overthinking can be a good thing. I’m not sure how overthinking got such a bad connotation. Somehow overthinking is bad, yet thinking is good. Thinking provides us with answers. Maybe I just don’t know the line between the two.

Choosing to look at the world a little deeper can provide you with insight that many people overlook. Some people see things or are taught things and just believe exactly what they are told. Or maybe some people are so preoccupied by what’s going on in their lives that they fail to notice what’s actually going on in the world. For example, every person in the world is basically a biological miracle. Like if you think about the capabilities and physiology of the human body, it’s astonishing. When you actually look at something and question how it came to be, what it is, and where it’s going, you have a better appreciation for the world. Maybe that’s just the way my mind works. Anyway, have a great week!


One thought on “Overthinking Optimistically

  1. Overthinking definitely has its upsides and downsides – it was so lovely to read a scenario in which you were describing the upsides! The world needs more upbeat people like yourself. 🙂

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