Right Now

I can’t count the number of times I have wanted to be somewhere else. I just want it to be the weekend. If only I were done with with this semester. If only I were done with undergrad. I’m always thinking about the next step, or sometimes, a step that is much farther into the future. I’m a goal-oriented person, I thrive on completing steps or tasks. I make daily to-do lists just so that I can feel the satisfaction of crossing something off when I complete it, so that I can feel productive. Lame, I know. But this trait doesn’t always lead to productivity like some may think, I still have those days where I look back and think “What have I accomplished today?”.  The thing is though is life isn’t just a long list of tasks to get done, there is a purpose for every position you’re at in life. I can wish parts of my life to be over, but they have a purpose and wishing them away takes away from the little things that are important right now. And what would happen if I were there? If I were at any other position in my life, there would always be something more, I would always want to be farther ahead, and I would miss out on the things that may seem like a waste of time but are actually completely necessary little parts of life that make it enjoyable. So don’t be sad that you’re old or that your’e young or that you feel like you still have a really long way to go. If you do have a really long journey ahead of you, (I totally get it, I sometimes feel like I will never make it to where I want to go) but enjoy the beginning, the middle and the end. There are certain things in your life that you only get to do at this exact moment right now. So do them. Don’t try to skip ahead to the future or relive the past. If you’re eleven, be eleven. If you’re 55, don’t try to be 25, because the world needs 55 year olds, and 55 year olds can still be awesome. The time will pass at the pace whether you’re happy to be right where you’re at or not.

I also don’t want you to get the impression that I think this is easy. Because some stages of our life can be hard. Really hard. It’s hard to not want to be done with something you don’t like. For me, I constantly want to be done with taking college courses that are extremely difficult and don’t have any relevance to what I want do. But I am trying to appreciate how they are transforming me into a better person, even though it’s really hard to see sometimes. The struggles these classes have caused me, have made me stronger (ew, that sounds so annoyingly cliche but it’s the truth). So maybe you’re going through something similar. Or maybe not. But understand that it’s important to set goals and look forward to the future but don’t let it take away from each little step of the journey. You can’t reach the end if you don’t complete all of the little steps in the middle. And don’t let beginnings scare you, it might seem like it’s impossible to go as far as you want to go, but if you focus on just the step you have control over right now, you’re doing the best that you can do. And that’s enough.

Learn to love the process.


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