Only Human

I’m really good at admiring people who seem to have their shit together. I think it’s something everyone does, and if you don’t, then you’re probably one of those annoying people that has their shit together. Just kidding.

But anyway, this happens when I don’t know the person actually, I just know them from afar or I know of them. I’ll find myself browsing Instagram and thoughts like these enter my mind: “Oh wow, this person just went on a 10 mile run…and their smiling.” or I might see someone in class who somehow, despite the lack of sleep and just general lack of motivation that most normal people experience, has perfectly curled hair…like everyday. Or when I see those people at the gym that are there every time I go (even when you only to the gym like a couple times a month) and they don’t even look like they need to workout. Or maybe it’s a really beautiful house that I drive past and I think that the people living inside must live perfect lives.

But the secret is that these people we look at and think “Man, wouldn’t it be cool to have their life…”, actually, we don’t know THEM. We know what they are presenting to the world from the outside. And some people are really good at making sure they appear like their life is awesome all the time, whether it be appearance on social media or whatever. If you actually know a person, you will know that they probably don’t have it as together as they seem. THIS IS OKAY. Real people don’t have it all together possibly…ever. We can constantly improve ourselves and strive to be better. I think it’s great to have role models and people that you can look up to and say “One day, I want to do what they have done.” It’s not okay to ever think “I wish I could have their life.” Because everyone’s life has flaws. Everyone has parts about themselves that they’d probably like to change. We have ups and downs. Some people are just better at masking the downs and promoting the ups. It’s unhealthy to live your life while continuously being envious of someone else’s.

So don’t feel down when you feel that your life doesn’t compare to others. Because you can’t really compare lives like that. They’re more special than that, lives aren’t meant to be compared. Everyone has different circumstances so it would be unfair for us to compare ourselves to the people around us. Try to take pull your mind away from these crippling thoughts.

“You’re only human. You don’t have to have it together every minute of every day.” – Anne Hathaway


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