What inspires you? For me it’s quotes. And books and movies. And hearing speakers or researching something I love. These things inspire me. These moments of inspiration get us started. But then what. What about the actual doing. The behind-the-scenes moments of trial after trial with no luck in finding the answer. The “I gave it everything I had and it still wasn’t enough.” The hours of work with nothing to show for it. The sleepless nights with no ounce of energy left for motivation. The weeks filled with so many tasks that must be completed, it feels like you are relentlessly falling behind. Those days when you miss out on something you want to do because you’re stuck doing something you have to do. When you reach the weakest point, the point right before you explode into a million pieces. When it’s beyond hard, it’s impossible. What do you do then? Inspiration can no longer work. Inspiration builds dreams. But it doesn’t achieve dreams. It can’t.

So what are you left with? You. Only you. And reality. Inspiration reminds us that we can dream as big as we can imagine. “You can do anything you set your mind to.” they tell us. “Even though it doesn’t make sense for such an outcome to occur, it can.” we hear. “You can overcome adversity.” they encourage. But reality comes in and says “Actually, it’s really fucking hard.”

The wanting and the talking and the planning are easy. It’s that dreadful doing that kills the dreamers. No one actually thinks about that part. In order to achieve our wildest ambitions we have to move beyond just the desire to do something. Even when we’re inspired, we can still fail. We have to figure out a way to complete all of the steps to reach our goal. Sometimes my heart is filled with so much passion but my mind is filled with confusion. I know what I want but I don’t know how to get there. I guess my best advice is to take a big task and chop into into little pieces. And then chop those pieces into ever littler pieces. Eventually, you’ll reach the goal. I think. The truth is that I don’t really know. So I want to hear from you, fellow bloggers. Tell me your best advice on achieving a really big goal. Go.


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