everyday phenomena.

I’m just going to write. Because lately I’ve been struggling with creating a post that I feel is worthy of posting.

As humans, I think sometimes, we feel eternally unsatisfied. There is always something else that we want. We aren’t happy with the time it is right now, we wish we were somewhere else. We aren’t happy with the amount of money we have or even the weather outside. We follow a pattern that pays no attention to the phenomena that happens everyday. We don’t see it. We expect so much, but yet don’t really appreciate it once it is here. I was thinking the other day about how our brains work. I was sitting in my biology class and for a brief moment, I stopped furiously jotting down notes and I thought this is actually fucking miraculous. Somehow inside our skull, all that we know, all that we remember, and all that makes us who we are sits inside of there. Our brains make the rest of our entire body move and work without even a conscious thought. There are a million neurons inside of our brains translating electrical impulses into actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Sorry for that mildly scientific interruption…

Most of the time though, we don’t even realize this is happening. I don’t think that many of us wake up and think about how great it is that our heart is beating again today or that we are able to move and think.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post but I guess what I’m saying is that it’s kind of humbling to think about how amazing we are, even when aren’t trying to be amazing, even when we’re just being us.


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