invisible boxes.

I started thinking the other day about the differences in actions between people, like why some people simply don’t give a fuck and others live their life with so many personal restrictions. I think some people place these invisible boxes around their lives. They predetermine what they are allowed to feel, believe, think, do, make, and see. I, for the life of me, though, can’t figure out where we get these boxes. Part of it might be social norms, maybe some actions and words just wouldn’t be deemed appropriate in the eyes of others. Or maybe we feel that we’re not good enough. We hesitate to create because we think our art won’t be good enough or we won’t sing because we think we won’t sound ideal. But in the end, we create these boxes. We place restrictions which then cause us to make adjustments to ourselves. We might feel a certain way or be introduced to a new though that might lie outside of our box. When this happens we get scared and pull our thoughts, actions, and words back inwards toward the inside of our box. Maybe some boxes are there for a reason, like we might have to act a certain way in certain situations in order to succeed or just to protect our own safety. Other boxes were put in place unnecessarily.

But imagine if we lived outside of these boxes just once. What if we let ourselves feel…everything. What if we were unwaveringly honest about everything. What we wanted, what we dreamed of, what we feel, and what our fears are. I think we don’t give life enough credit. It has so much to offer, and it might not all be sunny and breathtaking but you’re capable of living one-hundred percent everyday. We don’t though. That might sound sickeningly optimistic and if I’m not lying, it is. I don’t see why we don’t take advantage of as much as we can though. I don’t even mean it in the ‘carpe diem’ type of way because I also understand that there are days meant for waking up late and doing nothing but even then let yourself relax on those days, and completely  feel the enjoyment of doing nothing without the fear of being unproductive.

So why do we hold back? It’s the boxes. So if you’re pissed, you’re allowed to be upset. If you’re sad, you’re allowed to cry. If you like the music, get up and dance. Appreciate nature for all that it is, which is a beautiful world filled with flaws that make it perfect. But most of all, in every way, don’t be afraid to let yourself wander outside of your box. Accept the fact that there might be something to do or think that you’ve never  considered before, and it might be magnificent. Sometimes I think the reason some people never leave their box is because they don’t think or at least want to accept that there is a world outside of their box. I’m telling you that there is. So go find it.


“Make good art and fantastic mistakes.”



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