why I have to go.

Growth. Let’s talk about it.

What does growth look like? What form does is take?

Growth is gradual. Growth happens slowly. Growth is nonlinear. Growth feels uncomfortable at times. Growth is an experience subjective to the individual, often misunderstood by others. Growth requires courage.

Growth is essential for whole-hearted living. 

I am getting ready for a big change. I have decided to pack up my things and drive my 2007 Toyota Corolla across the country, over 2,000 miles to Portland, Oregon and live for a year in a new place, in a new job, and with new people. I have been in love with the idea of living in Portland since I first visited over a year ago and I considered many different options for my move. I considered going to graduate school at Portland State, applied to all kinds of jobs in Portland, spent hours searching for housing options, and I felt intimidated by the process. There is a lot to think about when planning a cross-country move by yourself.

I started thinking about the root of this dream in the first place. I wasn’t in love with the idea of going to grad school, I was in love with the idea of moving to Portland: a weird, lovable city in the Pacific Northwest with mountain views, urban forests, and quirky people. I was in love with the idea of challenging myself by being alone for awhile, outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t want to lose my inspiration that I had gained from studying social work and I was ready to begin working in my field. I wanted an opportunity to experience living outside of the midwest. My four years in college taught me that I thrive in a challenging environment. I thrive in change.

I’ve decided to serve a year with AmeriCorps where I will be working for Metropolitan Family Services. I will be part of a team of inspiring individuals with the following vision:

“A world where children never go hungry, young people are always educated, families are financially stable, older adults remain connected and all humans are healthy, happy and cared for.” 

I am excited to be living in a new place where my explorative and mountain-loving personality will never be bored. I am also excited for the opportunity to live this vision everyday.

I am beyond excited for this new start. But it was also hard. It took hours of planning, phone interviews, and perfecting my road trip route. Leaving home is also hard. As excited and ready as I am to go, I love home and it makes me sad to leave behind those closest to me.

My life has taught me so far that growth requires courage so I’m taking off — scared but ready.


This is something I have been in love with for a few years now. ❤️✨



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